Attention Angleberger Fans…

Sound the Angleberger Klaxon,

One of our favorite Guys Read authors is coming back to the Triangle area.  On March 24, 2016 Tom Angleberger will be at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill.  He will begin speaking around 6:00 that evening, and he’ll  be talking about his latest book, Rocket and Groot.


We know Mr. Angleberger mainly for his wonderful Origami Yoda series, please pause and read page 123 of Jabba the Puppett…


Mr. Angleberger visited our school  a few years ago and since then we have been big fans.  We have very much enjoyed the Origami Yoda series, as well as his other books like Horton Halfpott, Fake Mustache and the Qwikpick Papers.  If you surf over to the archive page for SMS Guys Read and search things like Origami Yoda, Tom Angleberger, Darth Paper, Emperor Pickletine and the like to find all sorts of adventures that we had.

So I know that most of you will be tracking out that day and that Chapel Hill is a little far away, but remember you won’t have school the next day and Mr. Angleberger has personally asked fro 250 – 400 students be in attendance, so we need to fill the audience with past and present Guys Read members.


So grab a friend and meet me in Chapel Hill in two weeks for Rocket and Groot and Tom Angleberger.

SMS Guys Read Angleberger announcement

Read on,

Mr. H

(I am Groot)


The Twist

Hello Readers,

As you may, or may not know, the 6th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read is currently reading Tom Angleberger’s classic The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.


If you have the new white cover version of that book than you may have noticed the discussion questions and activities that some smart fellow added in the back.  We here at SMS Guys Read are dutifully fulfilling the tasks laid out in the appendix.


Today we bring you The Twist…

So how did we do?  Do you think your book club, or school could do better?  Would you do The Twist at your middle school dance.  We need answers to these questions!

Check back soon as we continue the activities list with some English playwright head sculpting.

Read on, Mr. H