Welcome Back Readers…

Hello Readers,

So it has been almost three weeks since we last had a meeting for Guys Read or The Inklings.  Let’s get back in the habit shall we?

Unfortunately I am going to have to cancel the 7/8th Grade Chapter of Guys Read meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 27.  I have to take my children to the dentist, and I don’t think the lobby of Dr. Kelly’s office is quite ready for a Guys Read meeting.

So as we push on into this second quarter here are the dates of upcoming meetings…

7th/8th Grade Guys Read

colfer and jeffers

November 10, 24

December 8

We are still working on reading The Iron Trial and will be doing some fun reading challenges dealing with wristbands, fungi meals and Gummi Worm attacks.  Then we need to decide if we move on to Princess X?

6th Grade Guys Read


Every Friday during 6th Grade Lunch

We might even try a few Spartan Time meetings as the quarter gets going.

I finished the Guys Read Anthology: Terrifying Tales and we will be finishing October with a creepy story called Licorice Needles.

We will still be working with Secret Coders and start to develop some Logo art that we can share with Gene Yang.  Then we will start talking about Frank Einstein and his newest adventure with the human systems.


map to everywhere

November 3, 17

December 1, 15

We are going to get into The Map to Everywhere and we have some really fun Reading Challenges planned, so get reading.

So get reading and get ready for a great quarter of book club meetings!!!

Read on, Mr. H


PS… and it’s a big PS… We only have 6 Inklings t-shirt orders and 8 Guys Read t-shirt orders.  We need a few more to make these orders affordable.  Think about ordering one for you and one for your best friend. 🙂

NaNoWriMo is Coming

Hello Inkling Readers,

This post is mainly for you, but if you are a Guys Reader, please do not be scared away.

November is a wild ride under normal circumstances, you have the end of daylight saving time, election day, Veteran’s Day and then Thanksgiving.  Plus lovely autumn leaves and great crisp weather, at least in the south.  Now to add to that wild ride I propose NaNoWriMo!

For the last three years I have participated in NaNoWriMo and I plan to try again this year.

If you are interested I would love to hear some feedback from my first few attempts…

WIP 2012

WIP 2013

WIP 2014 1

WIP stands for writing in progress and just so you know the 2014 story is not quite finished.  I made it to the magic number of 50,000 words, but the story still needs a climax and resolution.

This year I will be breaking away from this trilogy and writing a stand alone story.  I have a few story ideas cooking and I would love to have you help me choose the story I will write.

  1. The Diet of Worms – Or How To Make A 8th Grade Super Group – The story of a group of 8th graders who start a rock band and become something of a big deal in their suburban town.
  2. Shadow Tails – The story of Macadamia “Mac” Bush a former secret service agent assigned to the president’s detail.  He saves the president’s life but looses a hand and is forced to retire.  He is pulled back into the Washington world to help find the kidnapped president.  By the way all of the main characters are animals, mostly squirrels.
  3. Velo City – Steam Punk story about an orphan who grows up in the shady underground world of a future/past city.  He is a steam pipe racer and conscripted into the royal marines to help break an alien blockade of the earth.

Do any of these ideas spark your interest?  What story would you like to read.  You tell me in the vote below and I will share my work as we move through the month.

I would love some of our Inklings to join me in writing a novel this month.  I have 50,000 words to write, but don’t worry the Young Writer Program allows you to choose your own word goal.

Write on,

Mr. H



T-Shirts…. The Results

Hello Readers,

I am pleased to announce, after a very spirited voting season, that we now have the winning T-Shirt ideas for both The Inklings and Guys Read.

So with 34.24%, just edging out the second place idea, this is our 2015 Inklings T-Shirt.

Remember the shirt will say Inklings where it now says Journalism and in the ink pot it will say Salem Middle School.  The final cost will depend on how many orders we make, but it will most likely be somewhere around $13 per shirt.

The Guys Read Shirt was not nearly as close, or exciting.  The winning shirt will be…

This shirt will say Salem Middle School above the line and then Guys Read below the line to the right.

Voting is now closed, so I hope you are happy with democracy and will enjoy the final choices.

Order forms will come out soon and the shirts will be ordered shortly, hopefully so we can have them when Track 4 returns at the end of October.

Read on,

Mr. H

Video and Photo Permission

Hello Readers,

This post is mainly for parental units.  As I have explained in many Guys Read and Inklings meetings, I like to let parents know that we do tend to make videos and post pictures of our reading challenges on the web.  Most parents have already done a school release for photos and videos, but I want to be sure it is fine for me to upload images.

I am attaching the permission forms for both Inklings and Guys Read, just in case a member has lost their note.

SMS Guys Read photo and video permission


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Read on,

Mr. H

Reading Clubs Coming Soon…

Hello Readers,

School officially starts for Track Four, which means me, on Monday July 27 and that means reading clubs our resetting soon.

I don’t have a set day of the week that we will be meeting just yet, but I will be looking at my schedule in the next few days and setting that day.  When I know I will send that information out both here and at school.

While you wait you may want to check out our now archived websites to take a little walk down memory lane.  If you are interested in Guys Read look here, if you are more a science fiction and fantasy reader take a look at The Inklings.

See you all soon.

Read on,

Mr. H