Do You Prefer Your Gore Medium or Mild?

Hello Readers,

Today was gory day at our 7th/8th grade Guys Read meeting.  The lads and I have been reading Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart for a few weeks now and it was high time to get some reading challenges under our belts.

We started out meeting by introducing our older guys to the Limburger cheese the 6th graders messed with last Friday.  Of the seven older guys in the meeting today, only two we brave enough to try a taste, one had seconds!   😦

Once the stinky cheese was safely stowed away I did a quick reading from the opening pages of Death by Toilet Paper to get the guys in the proper mood for our activity.  The opening scene in DbTP is a perfect Guys Read hook… you seem to be walking into a horrible crime scene and find out you are only in a horror film, in a kitchen, using salsa as blood and guts.

So with that in our heads, we had a quick chip and salsa snack and got to our big reading challenge… scar wax.

If you are a horror film aficionado, like the character Toothpick is, then you know a few things about scar wax.  Scar wax is the stuff movie makers use to make actors look all cut up and gross.  I found out that there are tons of DIY lessons on YouTube for making the stuff, so we did.

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After a lot of mixing and remixing we were able to get some small batches of scar wax to the proper consistency and we were off making wounds and seeping warts using the leftover salsa and school markers.

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It was super gross, but a lot of fun.  Our next challenge is to take our new fx skills to the writing department and develop a little horror film movie.  So check back in a few weeks when we bring scenes from a middle school, or horror school.

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Mr. H

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