GR Meeting on February 15, 2017

Hello Readers,

I hope you are all coming off your Valentine’s Day Sugar rush and are ready for some reading fun.

Today you have the following station choices…

  1. Photo Shoot – actually everyone has to participate in this station first, we need pictures for the yearbook.
  2. Join Mr. Hutchinson for a read aloud of The Great Egg-Dancing Championship and see if there might be a fun game that we could develop out of this story.
  3. Gaming
    1. Stack Jack (Stack it Tall Don’t Make it Fall) – Read the directions and get a game of Stack Jack going.  You will love this game if you dig Jenga. You need 2 – 6 players.
    2. Yukon Salon – This is a Kickstarter game is still in development, but you can play a printed version.  Basically you need to style the beards of lumberjacks and hairdos of a set of lady grizzly bears.  Get 2 – 4 players and see of you can follow the directions and match the Fancy Nancy with Hazel the bear.
  4. Du Iz Tak? – This picture book won a Caldacott Honor last month, that means it has great art.  Follow the story and translate the bug language.  Have fun deciding what is being said, or try to crack the code of the imaginary language.  The author/artist, Carson Ellis, claims it can be translated.  You can even try to draw your own book and create a languge for your characters.
  5. Roald Dahl’s Imaginormous Challenge – Take a look at this article from Publisher Weekly and see if this Golden Ticket contest suits you.
  6. You are welcome to go back to our former stations and continue anything there you would like.

How about a few pictures from our meeting?

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GR Stations

Hello Guys Read,

Here are the stations avaliable for today’s (February 8, 2017) meeting.

So here are a few options for you to explore today.  You must choose one and only one.  Choose wisely as you may not jump stations during today’s meeting.

Station 1 – Your Sunbird inspired dinner

Some of you had some wonderful dinner menus.  They were creative, imaginative and disgusting.  What else could we do with the menus and how can we share the story and our menus with the larger school world? Could we make a version of your meal?

Station 2 – Yo-Yo Dojo

Start by reading my unfinished story (I now have 30 pages) about a kid who learns yo-yo skills to help him fit in at his new school and defeat a school bully.  When you get to the end do some research on yo-yo tricks and help me design and choreograph the final yo-yo fight scene.


Station 3 – Shaun Tan Sculptures

If you were in GR last semester then you know what this is all about.  You are free to read and reread you story, then draw out and work on the design of your sculpture.  I don’t have any air dry clay yet, but I would love to see what you work out in the design stage.

Station 4 – Washington DC Bobcat

Did you know that Ollie, the bobcat that lives at the Washington DC zoo escaped two days ago?  Yesterday 13 schools near the zoo cancelled recess and kept all of their students indoor out of what the school spokesperson called “an abundance of caution.”  Why not write a short story about the Ollie.  You could write it from Ollie’s point of view, or from the point of view of the students that missed outdoor recess.  I see a story forming in my head about a group of friends that are determined to find the missing bobcat before a rival bully group can hunt down and hurt the cat.

Station 4 ½ – Shadowtails

Did you know that the North Carolina state animal, as voted on by the state legislature in 1969, is the Eastern Grey Squirrel?  I know right?  Did you also know that Mr. Hutchinson wrote a story called Shadowtails that follows a disgraced secret service officer as he tries to discover who has kidnapped the president of the United States?  And did you know that all the main characters are squirrels?  Maybe you read Shadowtails?

Station 5 – Squarrels

Read the directions and learn to play the card game Squarrels.  You will need 2 – 6 people for this station to work.  I’m starting to think I some sort of squirrel fascination?

Station 6 – Concrete Poems

Take a look at technically, It’s Not My Fault by John Grandits, read a few of his poems and see if any of them inspire you to write something in his style.  Your poems can be about anything you like, cools teachers who wear ties, or bobcats escaping the national zoo right after a new president is inaugurated.  Any great work will get published somehow!

Station 7 – Can I please READ?

Yes, please find a quiet spot and read anything you want.

Station 8 –

Did you know that past Guys Read clubs have used the blog site to detail their activities?  Take some time exploring the bowels, no that sounds gross, exploring the depths of the archives.  We have done some cool things in the past.  What can you add?

Station 9 – The Elaborate Wig Snatchers

Read about monkeys and young rapscallions stealing expensive wigs in the 18th century.  Then write a short story about a band of lovable, but naughty, wig stealing kids.

Station 10 – Atlas Obscura

Have you ever seen the Atlas Obscura website?  It is super weird and so wonderful, it’s full of interesting stories about interesting places around the world.

Station 11 – The Great Egg Dancing Championship

Have you ever read anything by Terry Pratchett?  Probably not, he’s English, writes for older kids and is dead.  Why not read his short, and awesome story, The Great Egg Dancing Championship and see what it might inspire????

New Read Aloud Vote

Hello Readers, or in this case listeners,

Today we begin our voting for our next Friday read aloud.  I loved reading Ms. Bixby’s Last Day and look forward to another great read.

Take a look at your choices both in the classroom and here online and make a choice.

Voting will be open until Thursday.

Vote early and vote often.

Read on,

Mr. h

The Last Kids on Earth

Hello Readers,

Our Pine Hollow Guys Read Club is up and running and now that we are in our second quarter we want to try a common read, that is all of us read the same story.

For this common read we are going to, maybe literally, attack The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier.  I handed a book order form out to interested members this Wednesday.  I you would like your guy to have their own copy just fill out the order and get it back to me as soon as you can.


I did say attack earlier and I did mean it.  Now we will not be attacking each other, but the story is all about surviving the monster apocolyse, so we are going to need to attack some monsters and zombies.

In order to properly defend ourselves we are going to need to do a bit of a science project. The instructions for said project can be found on the great Howtoons website.  This a project that will need a trip to a home improvement store and about $5.00.

If you are curious about what we are going to attempt, you can take a look at what SMS Guys Read did with book last year.

Let Mr. H know if you have any questions.

Read on,

Mr. H

PH Guys Read Has Taken Flight

Hello Readers

It seem like it’s been a long, cold lonely summer.  Just kidding it’s been really hot here and over the past few weeks some really cool things have happened to Mr. H and his mission to gets guys reading.

First Mr. H moved middle schools over the summer. He still works on that silly year round calendar, but now he does it from a lot closer to his house.  Right away he wanted to get Guys Read club up and running at the new school, and now every Wednesday 19 eager guys show up to his classroom and talk books, reading, crazy challenges and most times eat snacks.

Take a look at a few of the things we have gotten into the first few weeks of school…

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Not only have had some great fun at school, Mr. H was lucky enough to meet a few of his literary heroes when Mac Barnett and Adam Rex came to visit our local indie bookshop. They were awesome.

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Now any Guys Read club that Mr. H is attached to will promoted the silliness of reading challenges that come from the book we are currently attacking.  That book right now is The Terrible Two by the aforementioned Mac Barnett, and a few othe guys.  We did some fun reading challenges around this book and its sequel at my old school, so because of Mr. Barnett’s visit we decided to start with it at the new PH Guys Read.

So the reading challenges have begun, at our latest meeting we found out the Eastern Gray Squirrel can jump 10 times its own body length, so of course we wanted to see how many body lengths we could jump.

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As you can see we brought the slow motion camera.

So in the end our best jumper did about twelve and a half feet, which was almost three times his body length… Impressive!

Now check back in from time to time as we continue to go crazy around books and reading.

Read on,

Mr. H

Do Pilots Read?

Hello Readers,

So as of the first of July I am officially a Pilot from Pine Hollow Middle School.  PHMS will be a multi-track year round school and I can’t wait to see what sort of readers fill up the Pine Hollow Community.


If you are interested in seeing some of the reading activities I have done in the past, please feel free to poke around the archives here on the HutchinsonReads blog.

As soon as I track in and I have had a chance to meet some students we will talk about getting a few book clubs going here at Pine Hollow.

Until then…

Read On,

Mr. H

We Celebrate…

Hello Readers,

Today is close to the end of our school year and marks the end of the 6th Grade Chapter of Guys Read’s year.  We will be having one more Imaginary Obstacle Course Run on Monday.

To celebrate the end of our school year I produced a creepy squirrel pinata based on our work with squirrels from last year.

So we pulled out the cricket bat, hung up the squirrel and let our guyness take over!

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The lads in the 7th/8th Grade Chapter also got in on the Creepy Squirrel Pinata fun.

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… and we got some video…

We hope you have enjoyed the reading year, don’t take a reading holiday over the summer!

Read on,

Mr. H

The Imaginary Obstacle Course

Hello Readers,

As our school year winds down we needed to look for books that we could dive into with just a few meetings left, in other words something short or something fun.  As I wandered the public library I came across something fun in Bart’s King-Sized Book of Fun by none other than Bart King.

In the book of fun Mr. King explores the fun of setting up obstacle courses, but also talks about the time and expense of said courses, and offers a simpler alternative… The Imaginary Obstacle Course.  Simple enough, just find a location, preferably with an audience and make up a course.  Just perfect for Guys Read.

So take a look at our first few attempts at our Imaginary Obstacle Course.

So the plan is to have Guys Read members attack the course during lunch for the next 8 days of school.  The six best runners will win a Guys Read shirt designed by GR friend Tom Angleberger!

Check back soon to see a few more attempts.

Read on,

Mr. H

More Attempts…