A Return to Writing

Well, dear reader, it has been a minute since we last interacted.  I can only say that I got lazy and writing for the blog seemed like the last thing I was interested in doing.  It’s not like I stopped reading or loving books… I just got out of the habit of writing.

So, let’s remedy this lack of discourse and get this blog back in good standing.

Battle of the Books finals

Let’s reignite this blog with a review of our recent trip to the 2018-2019 Wake County Battle of the Books finals.  Each year NC librarian types generates a list of 27 books for the state wide Battle of the Books competition.  Teams of students from all over the state spread a year reading the list and preparing for their regional finals.  Our county finals were held on March 2nd.

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Pine Hollow Middle took nine Pilot readers to the finals and faced off against an anxious Heritage Middle (they were warned three times for conferring before they were allowed to, and even lost points) and a scrappy Fuquay-Varina Middle.  We felt good with our combined score of 27 points after our first two battles… we were ahead of lots of schools, but lots of schools still had to finish their second battle.  Alas, in the end our 27 points only afforded us a 13th place and didn’t allow us to move to the next round.

We came home proud of our battles and eager to get into the new battle list.  We didn’t have to wait long, as the 2019-2020 list came out just a few weeks after the finals.  This coming year, the list was reduced by a few book titles.  I guess 27 books seemed too daunting, and they decided to reduce the title list ot 22 books.

So we continue on, with only two 8th graders on our finals team, we have a good core of Pilot Readers ready to get going on the next list of books.  Hopefully next year, we can get that unlucky 13 out of the way… and get into that top 8 and move to the second round.  Fingers Crossed.

I’ve enjoyed getting this post done, and have a few ideas for posts in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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Mr. H



Battle of the Books T-Shirt…. Take 2

Hello Readers,

Well the T-shirt order fell through as we placed an order for 15 shirts and only received 10 confirmed orders, so that left ol’ Mr. Hutchinson on the hook for loads of extra shirts and he didn’t think he could swing $50 for extras.

So here comes round two… this time we only ordered 10 so we should be good to go, but it does increase the cost by about $4.  I hope we still can get the 10 people who were interested to reorder.  The link is below.


If you have any questions please let us know.  We will close this order next week, so order early so we can have our shirts by the end of the year.


Mr. H


Battle of the Books – March Madness… The Final Four

Hello Readers,

Well it’s done for me, both Fatal Fever and Airman have bowed out of the tournament, but we still have four books to choose from.

I think I see the winner from here….

Do you?

Here comes The Final Four…

You know a book with a girl in the title is going to win here.

I think Prisoner B might just take the whole thing, but I also picked Airman at the beginning, so what do I know.  Maybe we should ask Alan Gratz himself?

You have a week to vote and then on to the Finals!!!

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Mr. H

Battle of the Book March Madness – On To Round Three

Hello Readers,

We we are now ready to revel the winners of the second round of our Battle of the Books March Madness competition, and introduce round three!

So check out the games and vote for your favorite.  My bracket is a bit busted as I had Fatal Fever over The Watch That Ends the Night.

Share these games widely and best of luck to your favorite book… which should be Airman.  🙂

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Mr. H

March Madness

Hello Readers,

Boy has new content on this blog all but dried up?  Well we are back with our new Battle of the Books team and some reading news.

First Battle of the Books, you may wonder what that is all about?  We here in North Carolina participate in a reading competition called Battle of the Books.  Each year a list of books is chosen and students compete at local, district and state levels to answer questions about the list of books.  It was our first year competing and we had a great time at our district finals, even though we finished somewhere in the middle of the 23 teams that competed in our county finals.

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Now our Battle team is interested in creating a March Madness competition using the current Battle List.  Take a look at our bracket…

BOB Bracket 2017

Now how about you help us out and vote on the books you think should move on to the next round.






Please Vote… and tell your friends.

The second round will start soon.