Welcome to the Inklings

Hello Readers and Writers,

I sure wish I had the time to post this a little earlier, but the weekend raced up on me and I was away from good internet service for the long weekend.

So here we go this Tuesday afternoon…

The PHMS Inklings have formed!

We started with some introductions, and answered some questions on a from. Here are some of the important results…

So we have some readers and writers with us for Inklings… and it looks like we might have some fantasy lovers as well.

After introductions a long title share ensued with Mr. H and many of the Inklings sharing their current reads and favorite titles. It was epic.

Then we had some fun with our Reading and Writing brains…

I wish we had another hour to get some writing going, but not to worry, next meeting we will have some time to get out hands inky!

Remember we meet again on September 16!

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