Are You Ready For The PHMS Inklings?

Hello Pilot readers and Pilot writers. Are you ready for a new after school club devoted to ink? I doesn’t matter if you prefer reading inked letters in the form of novels or you like to get your fingers inky as you write your own stories… The PHMS Inklings club is made for you.

We will meet fortnightly (that’s every two weeks) from 3:30 to 4:30 in Mr. Hutchinson’s room. You will need to make sure you have a ride home after club meetings, and if you can’t stay after school… don’t fret there will be online opportunities for you to join us.

This won’t be your typical book club… no sitting around in circles talking about hidden metaphors and main idea. No we will talk about the books you want to talk about. We will look at all sorts of genre from graphic novels to zombie poetry and everything in-between. You won’t be assigned readings, just come with the stories you love to read and be ready to share and argue the greatness of your favorite books and authors. You might just find your great next read as we share our reading and play games and do crazy activities found in the pages of our books.

And writers… this club has a space for you as well. Sometimes a writer needs a place to sit and write and sometimes it’s a community of writers you need to share your WIPs (that’s works in progress). During the month of November Mr. Hutchinson always participates in NaNoWriMo and helps student writers participate in the Young Writers Program. This year we will probably also do a little work in Camp NaNoWriMo later in April of 2022. But writers, you are welcome at all Inkling meetings… every author I know tells inspiring young writers…. read everything you can.

So if you love ink…. reading it, writing with it, or some fun combination of both… join us for Inklings… Starting September 2.

Feel free to fill out this form to let Mr. Hutchinson you are interested and help him get ready for the club.