What A Weird School Year…

Did you all get some reading done this school year? I honestly found some comfort in the pages of a few middle grade books, and enjoyed sharing a few titles with students… both virtually and in person.

I am ready for a break from school and the strangeness for sure… but I have ideas brewing in the back of my head… book club ideas.

So enjoy the summer break and the time to read.

In the 2021 school year Pine Hollow will get a new after school book club!

Get ready Inklings… all you middle school students who love ink… both reading it and using it to share your stories.

The Inklings will be an after school club for readers and writers in our PHMS community. We will read and share stories, and play games, and write. We will talk books and stories and make crazy videos celebrating what we find in the pages of a good book!

Stay tuned….

We start in August!