Fits and Starts

Hello Readers,

Mr. H back from the land of dormant websites. How have you all been doing in this time of quarantine? I know it was certainly a long strange trip for me these last few months, the end of my 21st year teaching will be memorable… for sure. I’ve tried to get this blog going again time and time again over the last few years, maybe this time?

I find myself with both time and a longing to get back in the blogging business. Just the other day I was working on a rough draft for an article I am writing with our school librarian and it took me back to book clubs and book activities of my past. I found I missed it, and started that back of the brain wondering if Guys Read needed to be finally resurrected as an after school club? I decided that in fact yes it does need to rise from the ashes…. I just have two little teensy, tiny road blocks. One, will we be back to school this fall in a way that I can start an after school club? Two, will I have a day after school that my family schedule allows me the time to stay and run a book club? My hope is that the answer to those two questions are… sure, no worries… but we will have to wait and see.

So what to do while I wait out this summer… my first since 2006… I think? Year round schedules always gave me a few weeks off in July, but never this long break I’m working with now. I’m going to do a little book reviewing while we wait to get back to school and clubs. I’m going to do a little fiction writing… I did Camp NaNoWriMo in April (here is Chapter 1, if you are interested?) with a few students, and plan to do the July Camp… I think a 15,000 word story is something I can accomplish? Then hopefully sometime this fall we will see the Phoenix of Guys Read return…. Right now I think my first title will be One Last Shot by John David Anderson. I haven’t been able to get a copy, thanks Covid, but I have loved everything I’ve read from Anderson, and I see a mini golf course forming in the classrooms and hallways of Pine Hollow Middle School, even as I type this from my dining room in June.

Now on to the book reviewing…

Over the last few weeks of at home school our country started to unravel, and many of the authors and educators I follow on social media started to voice their support of the often marginalized and mistreated. I wanted to do something from my little keyboard and so I penned this note and challenge for my students. I’ve been working with books as mirrors and windows for awhile and I love the metaphor or finding a story that looks familiar to you or one that might find you peeking into a world that is new and different from your own.

So here are my virtual book talks for the last three books I have read. (sorry the popup in front of my face)

Enjoy and Read On,

Mr. H

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