BoB Quiz 3/27/2020

Hey Readers,

Welcome to club day in quarantine times.  I hope you are reading new Battle Books, remember you have access to the online books through Destiny Discover (go in through Follett in the Wake ID portal).  I just checked and The Hired Girl, Salt to the Sea and Wolf Hollow are all in there as eBooks and Audiobooks.  Outcasts United is there as just and eBook.  So if you need a read… check those four out.

After you’ve done some reading, see how you do on this quiz…

BoB Quiz 3/27

Clubs Day!

Hey Battle of the Books Club,

Have you been reading over this Quarantine time?  I finished Book Scavenger and am reading Other Words for Home right now.  I know you all have loads of time on your hands now so I am going to put some Battle activities up on this HutchinsonReads page each Friday.

I know it’s only Thursday, but here is a practice Title and Author Quiz for you all.

Stay safe and Read On,

Mr. H