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Hello Readers,

Today is the second to last Guys Read meeting of the 2016-17 school year.  We have two and half weeks left, but state testing steals our club time next week.

So today we continued our rotation through RWLP, with some time writing.  Rather than just have free writing today, we played a game of Roll-A-Story.

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This is the story I started, I’m not sure if the poison berries will be used by Lorenzo in a Socartes way or he will use them against his captures….Thoughts?

Guys Read Roll-A-Story

It might have been a dark and stormy night, Lorenzo couldn’t tell.  He had been trapped inside a hidden cave for generations.  You see Lorenzo was a fire-breathing dragon and his abilities were valued highly by the Under the Hill people of the land of Daccd.  In most worlds the Under the Hill People would be called Dwarves, but here in Daccd that term is considered rude and backward thinking.  The Under the Hill People might have been a little rude and backward thinking themselves, but that didn’t stop them from being offended when you called them a dwarf.

So Lorenzo the fire breathing dragon had be forced into labor when he was but a young hatchling.  Hour after hour and day after day and year after year Lorenzo stoked the fires of the city of Arbb, the main city of the Under the Hill People.  His belly fire heated their water supply,  and gave the Under the Hill People warm meat and soup to eat.

But Lorenzo wasn’t happy.  He longed to stretch his leathery wings and push himself into the great open sky.  He had read about the sky and the outside world in the books he was given by the kind librarian in the city.  He also read about an ancient Greek thinker called Socrates, who gave up his life for his principals.  Reading about Socrates gave Lorenzo an idea, if he could get a poisoned berry then maybe he could die for his principals and escape his prison?

by Mr. H

Here are a few examples from the lads…

A story

There once was a beautiful princess she was in a carriage riding to Bojangles Kingdom where she lived. Then her carriage was hit by a hamburger that was in the air Force for the Burger King Army they were fighting against the Arby’s tribe which were destroying villages in Burger King’s control. Bojangles Kingdom had the most toilets ever built and you know why. The princess was knocked out by the flying hamburger that crushed their carriage to pieces. Her vision was darker and darker then her eyes shut soon she ended up at a farm in a bed. She look around wondering where she was soon an old lady came in. “Good you’ve woken up” said the lady.” Where am I?” Said the princess. “A flying hamburger took your carriage out” said the lady. The soldiers were unconscious and so you were to. The soldiers are in another room there still unconscious” “What soldiers?Why am I wearing this dress?Why am I wearing a crown?” said the princess. “ Ok, You are suffering from memory loss.I have a soup for that”said the lady.

Will she live, die or survive? We don’t so don’t ask us!


by Luke

The Dumb Knight

Once upon a time, there was a knight. The most handsome knight to ever walk the land. With beautiful blond hair, bright blue eyes, and many muscles. But, he was also the dumbest person in the land. He slayed a hare, because he thought it was a dragon. He slayed the lord, thinking he was an evil mastermind who wanted to hang him for killing his pet. Then, he slayed the king, thinking he was also an evil mastermind who wanted to hang him. All this took place in the castle he was born in. His only friend, was his mother, because no matter how dumb he was, she loved him. Then, one frightful night, the knight heard a scream and saw blood on her mother’s bed. She wasn’t dead, oh no she was fine. The kidnapper however, had a knife in his arm. Then the castle talked. No, literally, it told him to go to the king’s bedroom and find the kidnapper in the bed. One day after that, a new king was given his crown by the pope. The castle told the knight to watch in the shadows, and see someone with a bloody arm. That would be him. A peasant did not return from the coronation. Later, he was found, decapitated, with a wine stain on his arm. The knight found that his mom was in the walls, telling him to kill innocent people. Then both were hung. The End!

By Jack

Ak40kevin556 was a knight of gta 5 his horse was a zentorno and his sword was an uzi. He started his day off like everyone else one magazine at a time one police chase before lunch. But something was missing then it happened he was informed that someone had placed a 9,000 dollar bounty on his head so the hunt began he went to his hidden cave of a  house and grabbed 200 grand and spent it all on ammo. He starts with the body armor then the sticky bombs and then everyone’s favorite grenades. He stockpiles until he sees on his mini map a character who was definitely coming after him he runs out of ammunition and gets into his zentorno and takes off within seconds everything around him is blurry 3rd gear 4th gear then the epic montage ended and he hit another car and lost all his cred. He starts driving and notices a buzzard flying so fast he soon couldn’t keep up and the buzzard whips around and fires its first missile the knight jumps out and watches his car get blown to smithereens. He then pulls out a homing launcher and with 3 missiles the  buzzard was down but he then remembered about the guy who chased him in the car he sees a jeep pull up at a red light he decides to steal the car he pulls out a pistol and kindly asked the man for his car. The man offered no hesitation. The knight was driving when the man pulled up beside him and with his hand out the window  the other player throws a sticky bomb the knight pulls out his uzi and hits the stickybomb killing both of them. EVERY TIME can he not catch a break he goes home after being blown up he goes to bed rests his head 5 minutes after being dead. All because he picked up an unlucky penny.

by Danny

an ugly toad inside a hidden cave got lost in space

And he all like bruh i’m lost in space and i’m in a freaking cave i mean how i mean people for some reason started kissing me in like 2009 and i don’t know why ow yeah a dumb disney movie and i mean like bruh the most rough year of my life yo then then there is save the frogs i don’t need to be saved i can save myself but now i’m in space and it’s great yeah first frog on the moon mars and the sun heck yeah now i’m on my own foreign planet!!!!!!!!

by Chance

The unlucky monster

Once there was a two headed monster that liked to eat people that lived at a farm. One time he ate a person that was carrying an unlucky penny. He ate the man and the penny got stuck in his tooth. When he went to the dentist they pulled the penny out. When he got the penny back he put it in his pocket. When he got back to his farm he noticed that some of his animals were gone.  He went inside, It was  pretty late and he had a tough day. When he woke up to get breakfast  his food was gone and during all that he still had the penny.  The next day he went to the city and got robbed and the penny was stolen and all the stuff  came back to normal.   

by Avery

The bear that died

Once upon a really really bad time there lived a bear names owen and he lived in a dark forest {like really really dark even when it was day}when the bear was out for lunch he looked at a tree just a random tree in a random forest in a random world after he looked at it for about 5 days he said “ok i want to do something with my life” so he looked at the tree for another 5 days then he climbed it at the top there was a beary and he looked at that for 5 days ok this commentary on the bear is super annoying do something please!!!!! “Ok ok” the bear said then he ate the beary and died {wo wo wo, no we aren’t going to just let the bear die like this are we} {well i don’t know you are writing this sooooo} { in that case how about this} then the bear came back to life and he lived happily ever after but 5 weeks later he died{so the moral of the story is don’t eat random bearys you find in the woods}

The End

by Alexander

Now Tripp used my Story Cubes to make his story

Sching you hear the swords pulling out of the sheaths

arrows lighting the sky with their fiery trails.

I am hit and that’s when things get




I am on my horse being trailed  by others

In fury I fly like cheetahs trying to get food

I stole the key to the castle


A bounty hunter I am

Make a turn cross the bridge

Now front of me is the gate

The gate I can open


Run through get to the tower

So I can learn the warlock’s magic power

But chaos rains like hail

Im thrown into a cell


I am put to trial

Just like my friends before me

I will be imprisoned


I need to look harder

Find the secret exit

Maybe a loose stone

Or a rock I can hurt the guard with


But a loose stone appears

Also a face that I remember

It’s my friend from last september


I say hey he says hi

He said when I say why

We talked A LOT

But then we got to business


Push and place we move the rocks

Slowly getting  through the castle


No breaks


Sweat floods my eyes

Like louisiana when katrina hit

But no stopping

Is worth it


I see the moat

And… the… alligators…

But worrying is for wimps

Jump and hold on


Well then I guess im lucky

A small crease in the cobblestone

Is where my fingers land



My friend falls

I see an alligator slaughter him

Tear his stomach

Water is now red

Skins from him shed


I have to move

Or else i’ll be dead too

Climb climb climb

No stopping

Climb climb climb

I’ve made it


I see the meadow

I run

And I mean run


I see a cave I can ditch at for tonight

But it’s not very bright

I may or just might




But I can’t

I’m tired needing rest

So I don’t run

I don’t fight

I go to a cave

And just hide


Birds chirp

And dawn calls me

Either that or the bear

Just next to me that won’t eat me




Ok so i’m leaving now running toward the sun

Away from the plague

Away from Mr. teddy


Running from the fiery arrows

And piercing swords

I just want to be alone

I just want to live my life

Without people bothering me

Or calling me stupid


Shame on them

That army of doofuses

Look at me

Not working for anybody

Now you slaves have to go

To work for your monarch


Look at me

Running free

No longer a bounty hunter

But now a true hunter

Getting my food and eating it

I don’t need money

And I don’t need a boss

I am me now, you go be you

But don’t judge me

Because for all I care

Which I  don’t


You know by myself

I can float my boat