Hello Readers,

What is RWLP you ask, well we begin a new and final chapter in Pine Hollow Guys Read today as we come toward the end of the school year.  Now don’t freak out Guys Read is not going away, but it will cease to be a Wednesday club next school year.  Guys Read will find time to be a club after school next year.

So back to RWLP…

For the rest of our school year, which is Nine weeks, by my count we will delve into a four-week cycle of





So today we read something.  Pick something and read, quietly for 20 minutes.  The only rule…you can’t browse, you need to pick something and stay with it.  Build some stamina, 20 minutes isn’t that long.  A few lads will be asked to share at the end of the Read day.

Next week we write.  That’s right we write.  You can write anything, a note to a teacher or a mother!!! It is Mother’s day coming up guys.  You can write a story, or a play or a screen play, or a video game treatment.  You can write a review of a book, or a game, or a meal you recently had.  The only rule, you have to write for 20 minutes.  Build some stamina, 20 minutes isn’t that long.

Then in two weeks we learn.  With permission from Ms. Ziller down in the LLC we will get access to both the print resources, that is a fancy way of saying books, and the digital resources, that’s a fancy way of saying computers, to learn something.  You will be given a graphic organizer and you fill it out with something you have learned.  Do you want to know more about Olympic Marmots?  Go learn about them!  Have you ever wondered how to edit a YouTube video?  Go learn about it!  The only rule is that you have your graphic organizer filled out by the end of the club time.

Finally in three weeks we play.  I have been slowly building up my tabletop and card game supply and on the days marked play, we play.  You will learn a game and have some fun playing tabletop style games with the guys.  If everything goes to plan we might even have a Friday Game Afternoon and invite the whole school community.  You wold become our tabletop ambassadors and help people get into the games.

So with a four-week rotation we will get to Read three times, Write twice, Learn twice and Play twice.  I think we can handle that, don’t you?