GR Meeting on February 15, 2017

Hello Readers,

I hope you are all coming off your Valentine’s Day Sugar rush and are ready for some reading fun.

Today you have the following station choices…

  1. Photo Shoot – actually everyone has to participate in this station first, we need pictures for the yearbook.
  2. Join Mr. Hutchinson for a read aloud of The Great Egg-Dancing Championship and see if there might be a fun game that we could develop out of this story.
  3. Gaming
    1. Stack Jack (Stack it Tall Don’t Make it Fall) – Read the directions and get a game of Stack Jack going.  You will love this game if you dig Jenga. You need 2 – 6 players.
    2. Yukon Salon – This is a Kickstarter game is still in development, but you can play a printed version.  Basically you need to style the beards of lumberjacks and hairdos of a set of lady grizzly bears.  Get 2 – 4 players and see of you can follow the directions and match the Fancy Nancy with Hazel the bear.
  4. Du Iz Tak? – This picture book won a Caldacott Honor last month, that means it has great art.  Follow the story and translate the bug language.  Have fun deciding what is being said, or try to crack the code of the imaginary language.  The author/artist, Carson Ellis, claims it can be translated.  You can even try to draw your own book and create a languge for your characters.
  5. Roald Dahl’s Imaginormous Challenge – Take a look at this article from Publisher Weekly and see if this Golden Ticket contest suits you.
  6. You are welcome to go back to our former stations and continue anything there you would like.

How about a few pictures from our meeting?

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