GR Stations

Hello Guys Read,

Here are the stations avaliable for today’s (February 8, 2017) meeting.

So here are a few options for you to explore today.  You must choose one and only one.  Choose wisely as you may not jump stations during today’s meeting.

Station 1 – Your Sunbird inspired dinner

Some of you had some wonderful dinner menus.  They were creative, imaginative and disgusting.  What else could we do with the menus and how can we share the story and our menus with the larger school world? Could we make a version of your meal?

Station 2 – Yo-Yo Dojo

Start by reading my unfinished story (I now have 30 pages) about a kid who learns yo-yo skills to help him fit in at his new school and defeat a school bully.  When you get to the end do some research on yo-yo tricks and help me design and choreograph the final yo-yo fight scene.


Station 3 – Shaun Tan Sculptures

If you were in GR last semester then you know what this is all about.  You are free to read and reread you story, then draw out and work on the design of your sculpture.  I don’t have any air dry clay yet, but I would love to see what you work out in the design stage.

Station 4 – Washington DC Bobcat

Did you know that Ollie, the bobcat that lives at the Washington DC zoo escaped two days ago?  Yesterday 13 schools near the zoo cancelled recess and kept all of their students indoor out of what the school spokesperson called “an abundance of caution.”  Why not write a short story about the Ollie.  You could write it from Ollie’s point of view, or from the point of view of the students that missed outdoor recess.  I see a story forming in my head about a group of friends that are determined to find the missing bobcat before a rival bully group can hunt down and hurt the cat.

Station 4 ½ – Shadowtails

Did you know that the North Carolina state animal, as voted on by the state legislature in 1969, is the Eastern Grey Squirrel?  I know right?  Did you also know that Mr. Hutchinson wrote a story called Shadowtails that follows a disgraced secret service officer as he tries to discover who has kidnapped the president of the United States?  And did you know that all the main characters are squirrels?  Maybe you read Shadowtails?

Station 5 – Squarrels

Read the directions and learn to play the card game Squarrels.  You will need 2 – 6 people for this station to work.  I’m starting to think I some sort of squirrel fascination?

Station 6 – Concrete Poems

Take a look at technically, It’s Not My Fault by John Grandits, read a few of his poems and see if any of them inspire you to write something in his style.  Your poems can be about anything you like, cools teachers who wear ties, or bobcats escaping the national zoo right after a new president is inaugurated.  Any great work will get published somehow!

Station 7 – Can I please READ?

Yes, please find a quiet spot and read anything you want.

Station 8 –

Did you know that past Guys Read clubs have used the blog site to detail their activities?  Take some time exploring the bowels, no that sounds gross, exploring the depths of the archives.  We have done some cool things in the past.  What can you add?

Station 9 – The Elaborate Wig Snatchers

Read about monkeys and young rapscallions stealing expensive wigs in the 18th century.  Then write a short story about a band of lovable, but naughty, wig stealing kids.

Station 10 – Atlas Obscura

Have you ever seen the Atlas Obscura website?  It is super weird and so wonderful, it’s full of interesting stories about interesting places around the world.

Station 11 – The Great Egg Dancing Championship

Have you ever read anything by Terry Pratchett?  Probably not, he’s English, writes for older kids and is dead.  Why not read his short, and awesome story, The Great Egg Dancing Championship and see what it might inspire????

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