PH Guys Read Has Taken Flight

Hello Readers

It seem like it’s been a long, cold lonely summer.  Just kidding it’s been really hot here and over the past few weeks some really cool things have happened to Mr. H and his mission to gets guys reading.

First Mr. H moved middle schools over the summer. He still works on that silly year round calendar, but now he does it from a lot closer to his house.  Right away he wanted to get Guys Read club up and running at the new school, and now every Wednesday 19 eager guys show up to his classroom and talk books, reading, crazy challenges and most times eat snacks.

Take a look at a few of the things we have gotten into the first few weeks of school…

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Not only have had some great fun at school, Mr. H was lucky enough to meet a few of his literary heroes when Mac Barnett and Adam Rex came to visit our local indie bookshop. They were awesome.

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Now any Guys Read club that Mr. H is attached to will promoted the silliness of reading challenges that come from the book we are currently attacking.  That book right now is The Terrible Two by the aforementioned Mac Barnett, and a few othe guys.  We did some fun reading challenges around this book and its sequel at my old school, so because of Mr. Barnett’s visit we decided to start with it at the new PH Guys Read.

So the reading challenges have begun, at our latest meeting we found out the Eastern Gray Squirrel can jump 10 times its own body length, so of course we wanted to see how many body lengths we could jump.

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As you can see we brought the slow motion camera.

So in the end our best jumper did about twelve and a half feet, which was almost three times his body length… Impressive!

Now check back in from time to time as we continue to go crazy around books and reading.

Read on,

Mr. H