Attack of the Bostitich SuperPro 6…. The Reviews

Hello Readers,

Yesterday we premiered our short horror film, Attack of the Bostitich SuperPro 6 to rave reviews.


“I rate the movie 5 stars, I will tell my brother not to call our pencil sharpener stupid.”


“I loved how the pencil sharpener rolled out into the hall using a wheeled chair, and you could see someone pushing it.”


“The janitor needed to talk louder.”


“I loved this movie because it really made me laugh and the blood and props were extremely realistic! I honestly don’t even wanna use a pencil sharpener again.  Thanks a lot, Guys Read.  I’m using a mechanical pencil for the rest of my life!”


“The saxophone guy was very good at playing the saxophone.”


“This was one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen, considering this is the only horror movie I’ve ever seen.”


“Plot twists happen every second, I didn’t expect people to die.”

-Jaden, from the New Jaden Times

“This movie should win an Oscar! I would watch it again.”


“I was really funny, creative, and once you watch it, you then want to watch it again.”


4.9999999999999 out of 5 Stars (just kidding, 5 out of 5 stars)


“This movie was the best I’ve seen!  It was a great horror/comedy, YOU SHOULD MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE!”


“I thought it was very funny.  I like the blood and pencil, it looked very realistic.”


“The acting was bad, but it was funny, so yeah…..”


“This was hilarious!!! Good job acting and stuff.  It was very scary and it gave me chills/ goosebumps.”


“Saaaafffttty Fiiirrrssst!!!”




3 thoughts on “Attack of the Bostitich SuperPro 6…. The Reviews

  1. This movie is like grt cuz now our teechers givs us nifes – Brad – 5 stars
    The googly eyes are so cute – ME (Not actually me) – 5 stars
    Meh, It was too short – Random kid who didn’t show up after the first day – 1 star
    I ain’t trust those lectric new agy doohickey-majigs – Cruffy the Custodian – 2 stars
    Waffle ma Syrup and Hoist de sails for some of da Venture – Jimothy “Pirate Leg” Schmottlehagan – 5 stars
    It goes to eleven! – Rock and Roll the hacker twins – 11 stars
    TAXNAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Review Bot – 1 Star (No review bot actually reviewed this film)
    DO NOT WATCH THIS! – Concerned Government Agent (CGA) – -4 stars
    Djskgsfjkglsajklfgjkslgjklsdg – Game File was corrupted – 2398-252307382385u262q59-7788000101020305050

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