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Hello Readers,

Things are getting very exciting over at the 6th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read.

We have been talking about Gordon Korman’s latest middle grade masterpiece… Slacker.  If you love Gordon Korman already, and really what middle grade reader doesn’t, you probably already have this book read or in your sights.  For everyone else, please go grab a copy and enjoy this silly book about a baked ziti emergency, video gamer lifestyle, service projects, the death of main street America, loss of animal habitat, and student jealousy.  If that sounds a little heavy, don’t worry mostly its about gaming.

So we created a reading challenge to honor the gaming lifestyle that Slacker’s main character, Cameron so loves.

Take a look….

We have only completed four matches of the first round, so check back as we complete those final eight matches.

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I think Cameron would be very proud of our chair’s butt mark after round one!


Read on,

Mr. H


So we have been working on the next rounds of our Slacker Gamer Challenge.  Most of the lads have now been eliminated and only two are left standing…

Mr. H and Drew

Monday we find out who truly lives the Gamer Lifestyle!

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