It’s Going To Get Stinky!!!

Hello Readers,

Today is a 6th Grade Chapter lunch time meeting and it is going to be gross!  We have been talking about the second book in Mac Barnett and Jory John’s Terrible Two series, The Terrible Two Get Worse.

In the opening prank Niles and Miles use a specific type of cheese to make Principal Barkin’s car smell of feet. EWWW!


So today, at our lunch meeting remember, we will be attempting to consume a little Limberger cheese!

I’m actually a little nervous that the smell will linger in my classroom.  Check back soon to see some of our brave member’s reactions.

It will be smelly, and it will be gross.

Read on,

Mr. H


So we cut the cheese (giggle) and did some big smelling and tasting.  It was so bad the camera even got dropped!

Then I tried a little, tiny bite of the Limburger…

I’m not going to lie, it was bad.  The aftertaste and smell left on your fingers lingers on and on and on.  I still smell it as I type this and really could use a mint. 😦

So if you liked our Limburger Challenge check back soon as we continue to read The Terrible Two Get Worse and the Sciurus carolinensis make a comeback.

Read on, but don’t eat Limburger,

Mr. H

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