The Last Kids on Earth

Hello Readers,

This has been one busy week, and it’s only Wednesday!  Those of you in the 6th Grade Chapter of Guys Read know what I’m talking about.

So we have been working with the great little story, The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier and illustrated by Douglas Holgate.

I just finished TLKoE and liken it to The Walking Dead for kids.  Now I’ve never actually seen more than just a few clips of the Walking Dead (I’m not big on the blood and guts) but I imagine it has loads of influence on The Last Kids on Earth.  In the story all sorts of awesome happens as Jack and his buddies attempt to survive in a monster and zombie filled world.  No parents, sounds good.  No bedtime, nice.  Eating junk food and drinking soda until your teeth rot out, excellent.  Living under constant fear or monster attack, bummer.

I have been sharing my copy of TLKoE around during our meetings and everyone seems to agree it a great read, so I highly recommend you find yourself a copy and get reading.

Back to the busy part of our week.  The 6th grade chapter of Guys Read is preparing for our own monster and zombie invasion.

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I mean look at monsters now decorating my classroom…


… and we aren’t even finished with the Blarg!

So in the story Jack decides he must look the hero and “rescue” his imagined love interest, June Del Toro.

While looking for her in their middle school our heroes encounter something we will only describe as a Zombie Ball.

How could we not attempt to create one of those, out of mini marshmallows?

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Now as you can see we tried to microwave the Zombie Ball together.  It was already glued and pretty solid, but microwaving just seemed like it would be a perfect way to help really get the Zombies to stick together.

Well they stuck together all right.

I’m not sure how we are going to save the Zombie Ball, but I can promise that 6th graders will be running down the halls of our school being chased by a Zombie Ball of some creation by next week!

So in the end we will have an entire monster and zombie army that we can save the world from.  Of course we will be using our marshmallow launchers to knock these vile creatures down and earn points, as you can see…


So check back soon as we complete our monsters and begin bringing the justice, marshmallow style!

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Read on,

Mr. H

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