Thief Stew

Hello Readers,

Earlier this week the Inklings got together for our fortnightly meeting and once again discussed The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis.

This time around we talked a little about Fin’s little Thief Stew prank.

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Why not take a look at how we did when we tried Thief Stew, with one of Ad and Tad’s little puke pills…

We have one more Inklings meeting before or winter break, and that will be our last time talking about The Map to Everywhere.  At that final meeting we will be recreating the final battle between the evil wizard, Serth and our heroes, Marrill and Fin.  Just so you know it will involve sling shots, acorn like things and a black robe.  Come back in a few weeks and see how it goes.

Read on,

Mr. H

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