Gummy Worm Attack

Hello Readers,

I hope the effects of eating too much turkey, or tofurky if you live in my house, and are ready to dive head first into the reading month of December.

Last week the 7th/8th Grade Chapter of Guys Read met right before our long Thanksgiving Break and we had an epic Nerd Sport meeting.

We have been reading and talking about The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, and if you remember back on November 19 we invented a game based on the Gummy Worm Attack launched by Master Rufus in Chapter 10.

Well at last Tuesday’s meeting we had a full group of students and could actually play our version of gummy Worm Attack!

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It was an epic challenge as you can clearly see here…

The game ended in an 18 to 18 tie, so we had to go to penalty shots and found our epic nerd sport, Gummy Worm Attack Champions.

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Check back in soon as we continue reading challenges and general reading silliness.

Read on,

Mr. H

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