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  1. The Dragonstar Chronicles

    Chapter one: The Heroes of the Dragonstar

    Aldra lifted her wings into the air. Her powerful muscles flapped her massive wings and launched through the sky. She had only one thing in her mind, to escape with the book. Almost as soon as she was flying, dragons started taking to the sky after her. Aldra ducked to avoid a blast of dark energy projected by Kalneth, general of the Shadow Dragons. Soon more and more blasts were shot at Aldra and she was forced to fly into a storm to avoid the onslaught of darkness. She swerved through the storm and avoided Kalneth’s claws and fangs, but at the price of slamming into a spire of rock.

    She knew that the only way to avoid the evil Dragons was to use her breath. She flew up as fast as she could and started diving in a spiral, projecting bolts of wind as she did so. Some of the Shadow Dragons fell or were knocked back, but most weren’t and Kalneth was absolutely unfazed. Aldra realized that that wouldn’t work and swooped back into the storm, this time into the worst part. Some of the Shadow Dragons tried to follow her, only to be thrown to the ground. for the moment Aldra and Kalneth were at a standoff, neither could harm each other. But the safety would not last forever, if Aldra tried to escape she would be bombarded by the dark blasts and then the book would be brought back to Draknar. Besides, the storm would die out soon enough.

    “Give up Aldra, there is nothing you can do to defy Draknar’s might .” Kalneth demanded.
    Aldra refused to reply, she knew that even if she failed another dragon would take her place and stop Draknar. She made a wild dive down the eye of the storm into a cave. Resting her wounded wing she ran through the cavern down a chasm. A long time ago she met a Dragon who lived in a city that was a twisting labyrinth of caverns. she knew that Kalneth couldn’t keep up with her inside here. as she was running she looked at the book. The book was one of the more powerful artifacts, one that could potentially defeat some of Draknar’s elite commanders. As Aldra pondered about the book she heard a noise. When she turned around there was Kalneth far down the cavern. Aldra ran as fast as she could, then got ready to jump out of the tunnel. She was ready to take flight when the air in front of her started to change color, she quickly realized that it was another Dragon. As far is I know the only kind of Dragon that can turn invisible is a Shadow Dragon, and then only the strongest of them all. The Shadow Dragon completely materialized and Aldra saw that it was wearing the armor of Kalneth’s legion. Great, she thought another enemy to flee from. But then Aldra heard Kalneth’s voice coming from behind her, as well as the running of his soldiers. Cornered on both sides Aldra thought. As the Shadow Dragons charged their breath she started to brace for the impact. The Dragon in front of her let out his blast first.
    A highly compressed bolt of energy shot just past Aldra before exploding toward the other Shadow Dragons. The Dragon that had shot that bolt then quickly grabbed Aldra and pulled her off the mountain.

    “Come with me if you don’t’ want to be dealt with by Kalneth.” he hissed.

    “Who are you?” Aldra asked.

    “A friend, you can just call by Isdygyan,”

    “Where are you taking me?”

    “Somewhere safe, just follow.”

    As they flew toward a marsh Aldra started to have suspicions.

    “Hey, isn’t that Dulbeth marsh?” She asked.

    “Yes it is ” Isdygyan answered.

    “You do realize that place is the most dangerous area around!”

    “Or we just want other people to think that.” As they neared the marsh Aldra could see some shapes in the distance. she thought for a moment before replying

    “Who exactly are the we that you speak of.” His response would change her life forever:

    “The Resistance.”

    Quandrim woke up to the light of J’Luv’Nyr, the 5th star. Immediately the golden warrior proceeded to look over his shoulder for Fehlar, his companion. Fehlar wasn’t there, but Quandrim did find a trail

    leading off into the woods. These aren’t Fehlar’s, so who are these? He wondered.
    Quandrim set off following the footprints across the forest. There didn’t seem to be any animals around the tracks. What made these tracks, and why would it scare away the wildlife. As he walked he soon found the answer. A fearsome Griffon was lying against a stone, the side of his body clearly burnt by Dragon Fire. Griffons were powerful creatures, beasts that could rival a Dragon in might. This Griffon was larger than most. So what could have done this?

    Quandrim, looking at the tracks, discovered that there were shallow indentions in the ground. Were these the footprints of the creature that burned the Griffon? But if those are the footprints of the monster, then what laid the original tracks?
    The entire question drove Quandrim insane in his trying to find the answer. He noticed that it was getting dark and looked up. The sky wasn’t dark, but the trees in the forest were huge. The leaves covered the entire area above. Titanwood trees, the largest of all trees, home to the Landwyrms. Quandrim wondered to himself. Wait, Landwyrms! Did one cause the footprints? As he returned to the tracks he realized that his suspicions were right, they were the tracks of a Landwyrm.

    “Fehlar!” he yelled again and again. The yelling was pointless because Fehlar was too far away, but unknown the Quandrim there was a completely different creature that heard it loud and clear. the creature hissed to itself, It would be eating its new prey soon, Very soon. Quandrim saw some Flirnk Hunter Beasts in the distance, and the beasts were running straight at him. But as they came toward him they ran straight past him. Not even a dragon scares a Flirnk, so what can? He soon found the answer, A BloodDrake. The BloodDrake reared back onto its hind legs and spewed out fire from its mouth, burning the surrounding trees and scorching the earth. That thing is looking for me. Quandrim thought as he slowly made his way away from it.

    After the BloodDrake was out of sight Quandrim picked out some Sluvdofs to eat, carelessly getting close to some Flirnks, and this time they weren’t running. They charged at him, trampling the Sluvdof plants as they ran. Quandrim blew a wind of fire and light, then spread his wings to try to intimidate them. The unfazed Flirnks rammed into Quandrim, knocking him back. The flurry of blows kept Quandrim from retaliating, but suddenly they stopped and all of them went back to drinking from the lake. There is only one dragon I know that can do that, “Fehlar!” Quandrim yelled happily as he looked for his friend, and this time the words came to the right ears. A tiny azure blue Dragon with shining pink on its body dropped out of a tree. Fehlar was dwarfed by Quandrim’s bulk, so when he jumped onto his companion’s back Quandrim wasn’t surprised. “Where were you?” Quandrim asked.

    “Drinking tea with a BloodDrake.” Fehlar joked. “Just kidding, I was just chatting with a Landwyrm.”

    “Ha ha, very funny, but tell me where you actually were.”

    “I’m serious, I was with a Green Landwyrm, his name was Aseui, and he lives in the tree up there.” Fehlar said rapidly.

    “Fine, then take me there.” And so Quandrim carried Fehlar over to a small grove. “Which one is it?”

    “The big one to the left of the blue-red one.” Fehlar answered. “Aseui, let down the rope!” Immediately a braided rope made of vines shot down from the colossal tree. Quandrim climbed up the rope and pulled himself onto a platform.

    “Hello Dragons, one big and one small.” A voice said before chuckling to itself. A wingless green lizard came out of a door in the hollow. “Little Fehlar returns with his loyal steed.”
    “Aseui I assume from what Fehlar has been saying.” said Quandrim.

    “Yes…” Aseui waited eagerly.

    “Well I saw a BloodDrake while I was looking for Fehlar, do you know anything about that.”

    “I do, I can tell you that there are multiple of them, and that the are led by Tys’krul, a Demon Dragon. I can also tell you that Tys’krul has been ordered to fight the Resistance.”

    “But there aren’t any members here!” Fehlar exclaimed.

    “Well there are, I know a Griffon for example, and I am their source of information.”

    “You’re the ‘Speaking Forest’?” Quandrim asked loudly.

    “Of course I am, you foolish Gold!”

    “Wait, what was that?” Fehlar whispered. The two Dragons and the Landwyrm looked out a hole in the hollow and saw a BloodDrake patrolling the forest, as well as a couple of Lizard Imps.

    “Draknar’s general is looking for us.” Quandrim calmly explained.

    “We need to evacuate the tree, I have a small stronghold where you can come.” Aseui instructed. He led the way to a secret passage in the tree and ushered the Dragons through. Fehlar fit through with ease, but Quandrim was having some trouble. Fehlar quickly used his shrinking breath and carried Quandrim through.

    “Hey, I’m finally bigger than you.” Fehlar joked.

    “The little lizard carries the tiny titan.” Aseui commented.

    “Don’t compare me with those foolish brutes.” hissed Quandrim. Aseui brought the two out of the tree.

    “Now follow me!” He ordered. Aseui ran across the forest, ducking under bushes and trees. The green lizard gracefully navigating the forest. One of the BloodDrakes turned around at where Aseui was and lunged. It barely missed him and crashed into a tree. Aseui was cornered by the BloodDrakes.

    “Fehlar, undo the spell on Quandrim!” Aseui yelled. Fehlar immediately understood and released a stream of tiny particles that enveloped Quandrim and changed his size back to normal. Quandrim used his returned power to spray light onto the BloodDrakes, burning them.

    “it’s not working!” Fehlar screamed. the BloodDrakes advanced. Led by a shadowy figure in the distance they destroyed everything in their paths. Flirnks were thrown to the ground, Shamblers had fallen to the fangs of the BloodDrakes, and Gryphons were knocked out of the skies.

    “My forest!” Aseui wailed. The figure walked up, he had the wings of a Demon and the horns of a Devil. it looked up into the air.

    “Araknos, I can feel your fragile body in the skies, challenge me like a true Hydra!” it yelled.

    A Hydra fell from the sky and destroyed the front line of BloodDrakes. The Hydra used his nine heads to blast away their lines until the only one left standing was the figure.

    “Tys’Krul, I will defeat your armies and stop your attacks. You cannot slay me with your feeble powerless self!” The Hydra cried. “I am ARAKNOS!” he yelled. Tys’Krul let out a blast of infernal fire that burned Araknos’s soul. The forest around the duel withered away until it was all scorched earth. Araknos brought each of his nine heads around and blasted pure energy at Tys’Krul at nine different angles. “Leave, our Speaking Forest. Bring your little friends with you.” Araknos commanded. Aseui led Quandrim and Fehlar away from the battle. Tys’Krul used this moment to chant with his demonic tongue.

    “Snelvas, Konuyra, Hontreda, Wunvedra!” Tys’Krul chanted “Renzleg, Awvouf, Ujkestryl, Asmodeus!” A portal appeared and energy flowed out of it, Demons shot out in a fiery state, disappearing when they made contact with Araknos. Araknos had parts of his body completely burned away by the onslaught of fiends and devils. He twisted his heads around themselves, braiding them into a coil of heads and necks. He let out nine mighty roars and simultaneously blasted out his mighty breath. The stream of energy collided with Tys’Krul’s portal to the Abyss. the portal exploded in chthonic inferno. Tys’Krul leapt at Araknos and tried to claw a head off. Araknos flew out of the way and dived at the Demon Dragon. the Hydra slashed at Tys’Krul and bit him with all of his nine heads. Tys’Krul fell down onto the sea of flames caused by his army. Tys’Krul let out a shriek that sounded like a sword scraping across an axe. The battle was over.

    Chapter two: The Resistance Camp

    Aldra landed at the camp. Isdygyan had led her to the Resistance, the largest group of rebels against Draknar. If anyone could use the Book of the Tarragon then they could. Aldra saw many creatures: Griffons, Drakes, Thunderbirds, even Cerberuses. This must be a major Resistance cell. She thought.

    “Listen up!” A booming voice yelled. “We have a new recruit here! And before you go calling her a rookie let me tell you this: She brought us the Book of the Tarragon. We welcome…Aldra!” The beast that spoke came into sight. It had the head of a Nemian, a body of a Wyrm, the claws of a Thunderbird, the horns of a Taurian, and a tail that ended in the head of a Behir.

    “Ardon is a Humbaba in case you’re wondering.” Isdygyan whispered. “He may seem harsh but I would trust him with my life. He is the leader of our Resistance cell, and the superior of most other cell leaders.

    “Who is the highest?” Aldra asked. What sort of creature is more powerful than Ardon?

    “His name Is Crenslar the Typhon. He may be powerful, he may be on our side, but he makes Ardon seem like a caring, soft spoken parent.” replied Isdygyan. Their conversation was interrupted by Ardon’s voice

    “Esklyr my friend, what brings you here from M’Be’Lossh?” Ardon bellowed. The creature Ardon was speaking to was a large furry creature with sharp claws. It moved very slowly and calmly but made no sound whatsoever. its movements as it made its way toward Ardon were so smooth that they were unnoticeable.

    “Arrrdooon, theee speeeakiiing fooreeest haas broooought threeeee Draaagooons tooo ouur caaamp.” Esklyr said. “Theeey fooouuund theee Aarmooor ooof theee Voooiiiid.”

    “The Armor of the Void, it shields its wearer from all harm.” Ardon said admirably. “Esklyr, I want you to know that Isdygyan and our new recruit Aldra found the Book of the Tarragon.”

    “Ooonlyyy theee Blaaade ooof theee Novaaaa isss leeeft. Esklyr announced.

    “The Blade is the last thing we need to unlock the seals of Time and Space.” Ardon boomed. “We will set off to find it tomorrow.”

    “But if Draknar finds it first then he will lay a trap and steal the artifacts that we have!” a giant elephant said.

    “Huldyrth, you have a legitimate worry, but we will not search for it while also possessing the other artifacts.” Ardon said. “We will send one team to find the Blade, and another to keep the Book and Armor away from Draknar.” The Humbaba scribbled names onto a list.

    “Who is most likely to go?” Aldra asked Isdygyan.

    “You and me are actually possible candidates because of your successful theft of the Book from Draknar.” Other than that I might guess Huldyrth, Ardon, and Araknos for the first team, and Esklyr, Vernlyx, and Mengaira for the second.” Isdygyan answered.

    “Araknos, Vernlyx, Mengaira?”

    “Araknos is a Hydra, Vernlyx is a Four-Winged Klakk, and Mengaira is a Xenomorph.” “A Klakk is a bat like creature that has sonic weapons, and a Xenomorph is a shapeshifting creature that constantly shifts between alien forms.” Aldra went into the den that the Resistance had made for her. She wondered about what exactly the seals of Time and Space were, what the three artifacts actually did, what the speaking forest was, what life would be like at another camp like M’Be’Lossh, and who would get picked for the mission. She knew that her biggest concerns would be answered the next day when Ardon would be calling off the names.

    Isdygyan walked into her den. “Are you going to eat?” he asked. “After yesterday you probably are exhausted, here come with me.” Aldra followed him to a pit filled with food of all sorts. “The pit on the left is meat and the one on the right is plants.” Isdygyan said. He went to the pit on the right and pulled out a large hunk of meat. Aldra copied his example and took a small chunk of meat, then pulled a fruit. Aldra quickly ate her meal and then asked walked up toward Isdygyan.

    “What exactly is the Blade of the Nova?” she asked.

    “it’s one of the three artifacts.” he said. “The Book of the Tarragon is said to have every single spell in existence somewhere in its pages. The Armor of the Void will absorb any attack and absorb its power. And the Blade of the Nova strikes with the power of all the dragon’s breath weapons. The Artifacts are imbued with the power of the Dragon God, Gigeon, but Draknar has the Forbidden Artifact which was made by the banished one, Ornyx’kar. The Forbidden Artifact has as much powers as the three Artifacts.

    The next night Ardon called off the names: “Myself, Araknos, Isdygyan, and… Aldra! from the other camp we have Aseui, Fehlar, and Quandrim! For the second team we have…Vernlyx, Mengaira, Esklyr, Huldyrth, Jagnaa, Barnossh, and Wavelnarr!”

    “Isdygyan,” Aldra murmured, “Who are Jagnaa, Barnossh and Wavelnarr?”

    “Jagnaa is a Dire Stalker, Barnossh an Ogre, and Wavelnarr an Ent.” He answered. Alrda saw a large cat creature, a green giant, and a walking tree that she assumed was the Ent. She walked up and gave them a large high five, three, and zero. She then made her way to Ardon, who was getting ready for the mission.

    Fehlar was bathing in the sunlight at the camp. He was supposed to leave with Aseui and Quandrim on a mission, but he would also have to work with four others from another camp: Ardon, Araknos, Isdygyan, and Aldra. He already knew Araknos, the Hydra who saved him in the woods, but the others were complete strangers. He decided to ask Aseui about it, but the little green lizard wasn’t there when he checked the den. “So now Aseui is gone, great.” he mumbled.

    “You did WHAT!” Draknar shouted. The little Homunculus cowered in fear. It knew that Draknar had a short temper and that he was known for punishing bringers of bad news, especially when they caused it. “I don’t care why you did it but never EVER feed the Gobbledygook a grammar focused magical multilanguage dictionary!” Draknar was in a rage. “if you don’t feed it the Lorem Ipsum that I supply, then I will turn you into Lorem Ipsum!” The Homunculus pushed itself against the wall, fearing for its life . Draknar held up his gnarly staff of malevolence. A twisting, solid cloud was spewed from the staff and surrounded the Homunculus, when it was over there was a heap of stone and clay. The Homunculus would reform from the nearest block of rock a while later but it would definitely get the message: do not mess with Draknar, or he would turn him into rubbish. Draknar was upset, if there was any time then now is the time for all good men. Draknar was proud of that little bit of gibberish. but back to what he was thinking about before the idiotic Homunculus wasted his time. Both Kalneth and Tys’Krul failed to protect the artifacts. now the only one left for him was the Blade of the Nova. Draknar needed that Blade if he wanted to destroy the Resistance. “Etaoin Shrdlu!” he yelled. this was a phrase he used when he was angry, he had some others but this one actually pleased the Gobbledygook. It smiled at Draknar. “Well at least I have one beast under my command that is both intelligent and obedient!” he muttered under his breath.

    Araknos flew from the High Castle. The Primordial King had gave him an impossible mission, how could anyone, (even him) awaken the Dragon God, stop Draknar, and create multiple artifacts! “This is crazy!” he said. the Dragon God had been asleep since basically the beginning of time and hasn’t been found, so how could Araknos find him now? “Oh well…” Araknos set off for the camp.

    Chapter three: The Ship Of The Dragon

    Isdygyan led six others across desert cliffs. The shadow dragon saw massive peaks that would dwarf a Kraken. “and over twice as dangerous.” he said.

    “What’s twice as dangerous as what?” Fehlar asked

    “The cliffs, the Kraken.” Isdygyan answered.

    “Well since Krakens are actually quite nice and cheery, I would say much more!” Fehlar happily exclaimed. “What do you think, Aseui?”

    “I agree with you, but to change the subject to something a little more important I am going to tell you that we are approaching the Spikes of Dread.” Before you ask what they are let me explain: They’re a cursed mountain range that will attack travelers. The others quickly decided to stay away from them. (Except Fehlar, who thought it would be a great adventure)

    Esotedee (Ship of the dragon) was waiting for someone, with Captain Haunt gone she had no master. Many people thought of the Captain as evil, but in truth the only people he terrorized were tyrants. they came from another land and only came here to find a safe place for her. How many times have I thought that? I don’t count but it must be over a billion. She thought before resting once more.

    Fehlar looked off into the distance. He saw gargantuan spires that seemed to slice open the clouds. They had an ominous aura that shrouded themselves with darkness. Fehlar was transfixed by the grim spears of stone. He turned around to look for Aseui but there was impenetrable fog all around. the only thing clear was the Spikes themselves. “Well as stupid as it seems I may very well be going there.” Fehlar marched toward the Spikes, hoping that they were not as dangerous as he thought.

    The other Dragons also were separated by the mist. Isdygyan wandered across the rocky plains trying to find the others. He found a massive hole engraved with runes. It looked familiar, with pictures of dragons following some of the runes. There was one word that he could read somehow: “Gigeon.”

    Quandrim created a bright light to illuminate the area. He saw something that the others didn’t: the tracks of a dragon as well as that of a boat hull. They seemed to be made long ago but something didn’t seem right. The tracks of the boat were too shallow, like it had landed from the sky. “What kind of boat could make this?” he wondered. The dragon tracks seemed deep, like the dragon was carrying something heavy. Treasure? Quandrim wondered.

    Ardon roared in hopes that it would lead the others to him, but he could barely hear his own voice. Why did the fog dampen sounds, was it magic of some kind? He heard something, he smelled something, he felt something, but it felt evil. The Spikes of Dread, this must be why they have that name. Ardon used his tail to feel around and found a stairway. He was climbing up the stairs when he tripped on something, it was some sort of music sheet wrapped around an instrument. He could see the writing perfectly clear, but nothing else.

    Aldra did not realize the effect of the fog; she was fighting for her life. Her foe struck with a catlike grace, flipping acrobatically while slashing at Aldra with long claws. Aldra bit an arm, only to find that it melted away in her mouth and reformed on the creature. The creature’s tail grew a hard end, the creature swung it to deliver a crushing blow. Aldra fell from the rock she was standing on for a massive fall.

    Aseui was also fighting a creature, but this one seemed to have a metallic hide that withstood any blow. “You feel like metal, you look like metal, you sound like metal, and you think like metal!” He yelled, trying to harm it psychologically. It didn’t work because his insult was right. “Well you want something mean.” Aseui said. He knew that if physical blows wouldn’t harm the stupid thing and it was too stupid to understand an insult, then Aseui would need to insult it bad. “You- (this section was removed for intense, non ending words that insulted the creature enough to make it curl up and melt away. PS: the creature didn’t even speak the same language)

    Araknos melted a a creature’s head off. The creature shook its neck and grew another. “Well done, you act like a hydra.” Araknos exclaimed. The creature bit off one of his. “But I’m better.” Araknos calmly said as he grew two more. He unleashed a blast from his braided heads and the creature melted away completely. The creature grew back. “Well I can’t do that.” Araknos blew the thing into pieces and threw them around the room. They came back. “This is just stupid!” he yelled. He tossed the thing off a cliff. It teleported.
    Ardon threw the instrument at the bird. It turned around and slashed him with its talons. Fehlar used the time to pull a small white ball from his bag. The ball went flying through the air and cracked against a rock. thousands of white dust particles went up into the air. “Horrorfrost!” he yelled, sparking the particles into action. They flew around the creature, creating an icy layer around it as they moved. The frosty prison captured the cold aura of the sprites inside of the creature until it was entirely ice.

    “What did you do?” Ardon questioned.

    “I commanded some Frost-Sprites.” Fehlar answered. “They’re the Horrorfrost colony.

    “The what?”

    “Frost-Sprites live in colonies.” Fehlar explained, “They are commanded when their ruler says the name of their colony. Once a ruler says the command word they will do whatever he asks them to do.

    “You didn’t say anything!”

    “Messages are transferred by the language of the creatures, which exists only in the mind.”

    Quandrim followed the tracks until he came across a cliff where the tracks suddenly ended. he saw something out of the corner of his eye. There was a catlike figure looking over a cliff. The creature turned around and swung at him with its tail. Quandrim jumped over the tail and rolled under the claws it now started to strike with. Quandrim lunged under the monster and clawed it as he went through. The creature jumped on top of him and bit him in the chest. Quandrim heaved the creature off himself the threw it over the cliff. On the other side of the cliff he saw a fading light. “Is that the breath of a dragon?” he loudly asked himself. He lit it up and saw Aldra’s wings at the bottom of the deep chasm. Quandrim swiftly dived for her and reached out his arms. He grabbed Aldra and pulled her up to the top of the cliff.

    Aldra woke up with a jolt. She was on top of the rocky area that she fell from. She turned her head and saw Quandrim staring at her. “What happened?” She asked.

    “You were at the bottom of the cliff. I pulled you up from the chasm.” He answered. “Now I should ask you what happened.”

    “A creature attacked me and knocked me off the cliff.” Aldra got up and made her way to a large structure that looked like a spear. “The creature came from there.” She pointed at a small splotch on the stone surface. “That is a portal to the creature’s realm.”

    Draknar looked proud of himself. He should be: he summoned a few of the Ones from Before, a race that was banished from the world for their evil power and relentless fury. The Ones that he summoned were the runts of their race but really, could any other dark mage say that they called upon a monster that fought in the Primal War. “Muldye! Come in here right NOW!” A Spellsteel Golem came into being inside the room. Spellsteel Golems are the highest individuals in the hierarchy of Golems but Muldye looked feeble compared to the mighty Aura coming from (The much smaller) Draknar.

    “What is it great master?” he softly asked as he cowered in fear, much like the Homunculus from only a couple of days before.

    “You must go and retrieve the Spellsteel Colossus from your city!” Draknar growled.

    “May a humble servant ask why great master?” Muldye responded.

    “Fine, I need him to protect me from a mis-summoned One!” Draknar answered.

    “A One from Before?” Muldye forgot about pleasing Draknar in his awe of the achievement.

    “Of course a One from Before you metal mouthed slagheap!” I’m going to be summoning their leader if you start following my commands!” Draknar yelled. Muldye quickly left to retrieve the Spellsteel Colossus.

    Isdygyan looked at the runes. They were the only thing he could see in this fog. He felt like he should know what they meant but he couldn’t, almost like it was part of his past life, a feeling of déjà vu. “How could I know this language?” he asked himself. He looked back at the picture of the dragon, when two words came to mind: Rune, and Lord. “A Rune-lord, is that what Gigeon is?” He said out loud. He looked at the drawing as a whole. The drawing was divided into sections. “The Kingdom of Runes.” He again said. Where was this information coming from? He thought. He felt an urge to say something but he also felt a need to wait, but both sides of his head wanted him to do one thing: Open the seal. He said an incantation that seemed to be in another language, ( He expected that) and the seal opened. The mountain shook as the fog cleared and revealed that the Spikes were moving somehow. The entire structure opened as if it were mechanical. Isdygyan saw a large ship inside, with wings and other traits of a dragon.

    “The Ship of the Dragon!” Someone yelled. Isdygyan turned around. He could make out the shapes of the other Resistance members. Araknos grabbed some sort of creature of threw it down a hole. There was a satisfying “Slish” and a “Boom” as the creature exploded into the darkness. “Everyone here?” Aseui yelled (He was also the one who spoke earlier) and got the six others ‘I’s in response.

    “What exactly is this thing?” Ardon bellowed.
    “The Ship of the Dragon.” Aseui answered. “It belonged to Captain Haunt and the rest of his ghastly Spooks. I had a suspicion that it was a Relic of Legend.”

    “And what is that?” Ardon bellowed again.

    “They are objects created with powerful magic, usually belonging to a mysterious magician or something. I know very little but from what I know they will wait for a new master once their old one dies, so I think that this one is bonded to whoever opened up the Spikes.”

    “I think that would be me.” Isdygyan walked into the center of his friends. “I found a seal and opened it, then it somehow opened everything else.”

    “Who agrees that this means that Isdygyan is the new master of the Ship?” Aseui asked. The vote was unanimous: Isdygyan is the ship’s master. Isdygyan walked onto the ship when the dragon masthead opened its mouth:

    “Welcome Isdygyan, how may I help you.” a robotic voice said. Isdygyan jumped in surprise. “Just kidding, you have not actually awoken some robot boat, Just a living one.” Aseui chuckled.

    “Well at least your new servant has a sense of humor.” He told Isdygyan. The seven of them got onto the massive boat. The boat looked to be over a mile long and extremely high as well. The living quarters could have been a mansion with dozens of large rooms. The Armory was filled with weapons and cannonballs. The cannons themselves looked like a giant’s idea of a siege weapon. You could somehow from one end to another in a few minutes (At this point in the story you have to believe in impossible things). The ship had wing-like sails, and draconic wings coming from the sides.

    “Now what is my new name?” The boat asked. Isdygyan thought for a moment, what would be a fitting name for a giant, flying, draconic boat. He finally decided on Aagora. “Aagora?” The boat confirmed.

    “Yes, you are now the legendary vessel Aagora.”

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