My NaNoWriMo

Hello Readers,

As you know it is now the grand month of November and that means NaNoWriMo!  Today is only day three and you all have time to get with the program and write along with me.  Take a look at the Young Writers Program, or just write a story… No Rules, Just Write.

I have around 3,000 words done and I would love to hear what you think.  Remember I am writing Shadowtails after your vote was counted.  Shadowtails is the thriller based on the Washington DC Mall, with a presidential kidnapping, oh and all of the main characters are squirrels.

So take a look at the first few pages and share your thoughts in the comments.  Remember it is a first draft, so be kind with spelling and grammar mistakes.


Write on,

Mr. H

2 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo

  1. Aldra lifted her wings into the air. Her powerful muscles flapped her massive wings and launched through the sky. She had only one thing in her mind, to escape with the book. Almost as soon as she was flying dragons started taking to the sky after her. Aldra ducked to avoid a blast of dark energy projected by Kalneth, general of the Shadow Dragons. Soon more and more blasts were shot at Aldra and she was forced to fly into a storm to avoid the onslaught of darkness. She swerved through the storm and avoided Kalneth’s claws and fangs, but at the price of slamming into a spire of rock.

    She knew that the only way to avoid the evil Dragons was to use her breath. She flew up as fast as she could and started diving in a spiral, projecting bolts of wind as she did so. Some of the Shadow Dragons fell or were knocked back, but most weren’t and Kalneth was absolutely unfazed. Aldra realized that that wouldn’t work and swooped back into the storm, this time into the worst part. Some of the Shadow Dragons tried to follow her, only to be thrown to the ground. for the moment Aldra and Kalneth were at a standoff, neither could harm each other. But the safety would not last forever, if Aldra tried to escape she would be bombarded by the dark blasts and then the book would be brought back to Draknar. Besides, the storm would die out soon enough.

    “Give up Aldra, there is nothing you can do to defy Draknar’s might .” Kalneth demanded.
    Aldra refused to reply, she knew that even if she failed another dragon would take her place and stop Draknar. She made a wild dive down the eye of the storm into a cave. Resting her wounded wing she ran through the cavern down a chasm. A long time ago she met a Dragon who lived in a city that was a twisting labyrinth of caverns. she knew that Kalneth couldn’t keep up with her inside here. as she was running she looked at the book. The book was one of the more powerful artifacts, one that could potentially defeat some of Draknar’s elite commanders. As Aldra pondered about the book she heard a noise. When she turned around there was Kalneth far down the cavern. Aldra ran as fast as she could, then got ready to jump out of the tunnel. She was ready to take flight when the air in front of her started to change color, she quickly realized that it was another Dragon. As far is I know the only kind of Dragon that can turn invisible is a Shadow Dragon, and then only the strongest of them all. The Shadow Dragon completely materialized and Aldra saw that it was wearing the armor of Kalneth’s legion. Great, she thought another enemy to flee from. But then Aldra heard Kalneth’s voice coming from behind her, as well as the running of his soldiers. Cornered on both sides Aldra thought. As the Shadow Dragons charged their breath she started to brace for the impact. The Dragon in front of her let out his blast first.
    A highly compressed bolt of energy shot just past Aldra before exploding toward the other Shadow Dragons. The Dragon that had shot that bolt then quickly grabbed Aldra and pulled her off the mountain.

    “Come with me if you don’t’ want to be dealt with by Kalneth.” he hissed.

    “Who are you?” Aldra asked.

    “A friend, you can just call by Isdygyan,”

    “Where are you taking me?”

    “Somewhere safe, just follow.”

    As they flew toward a marsh Aldra started to have suspicions.

    “Hey, isn’t that Dulbeth marsh?” She asked.

    “Yes it is ” Isdygyan answered.

    “You do realize that place is the most dangerous area around!”

    “Or we just want other people to think that.” As they neared the marsh Aldra could see some shapes in the distance. she thought for a moment before replying

    “Who exactly are the we that you speak of.” His response would change her life forever:

    “The Resistance.”

    That was the first little bit of the first chapter of my book, the premise is that the world is populated by magical creatures (Dragons are the most civilized) and was taken over by an evil dark wizard, The main characters are all dragons that are rebelling against him. I also have a secret little Poem/Plot/Hint:

    When the world is torn
    It’s soul is reborn
    Space has been sealed
    Power has been stealed (Sorry)

    Darkness takes all
    The emperor will fall
    A Sorcerer will rise
    And rule by shadow’s lies

    But darkness beware
    Four heroes will swear
    To bring the fifth
    Between spell to the rift

    By light of three moons
    They fly through the runes
    Ice is released
    And balance has ceased

    Ones from forbidden lore
    Ones who come from times before
    Ones banished to death and gloom
    Ones who wish to bring eternal doom

    The ones of gone history
    The void of mystery
    The revolution of all
    The evolution of power
    The clock of the final hour
    The Guardians who answer the call

    The ruins are broken
    The gods have spoken
    The four and the one
    Dueling the sun
    Legends unite
    The corrupted god will fight
    The deity will yearn
    To have himself return
    The gods have vanished
    The warlocks will banished
    And the Dragonstar will form

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