Licorice… Yay or Nay?

Hello Readers,


Over the past few days the 6th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read has been attacking the creepy story Licorice Needles by Nikki Loftin whilst eating black licorice from the Dollar Store.  Licorice Needles is one of the short, scary stories in the new Guys Read Anthology: Terrifying Tales.

When we were finished reading we decided to make a few videos detailing our thoughts on both the story and eating black licorice.

Take a look at our intro…

and a few views on the story and the joys of eating Black Licorice…

So have you read any creepy stories this week.  If not we highly recommend Terrifying Tales and Licorice Needles by Nikki Loftin.

Read on,

Mr. H



Black Licorice tongue



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