Licorice Needles

Hello Readers,

So we are in the week before All Hallow’s Eve (BTW go check out All Hallow’s Read right now) and the 6th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read decided to read one of the new Guys Read: Terrifying Tales entries.

After I read the whole anthology I chose Licorice Needles by Nikki Loftin to read out loud to the lads.  I will admit one reason I chose Licorice Needles is so I could offer black licorice to the guys as I read.

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I actually really like the taste of black licorice, but most of the guys gagged repeatedly as they attempted to chew the rope as I read.

We are almost finished reading so check back in soon as the lads share some of their thoughts on black licorice and the story Licorice Needles.

Read on,

Mr. H

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