Gene Luen Yang Visit


Hello Readers,

Last night a small exploratory group from the 6th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read ventured into greater Raleigh to view an author/illustrator as he presented on his latest work.

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The author was the great Gene Luen Yang sharing stories of his life and writing and illustration ventures.  If you have the chance to meet Mr. Yang I would highly recommend you drop everything and get there.  He is very interesting, humble, brilliant and funny.

During Mr. Yang’s presentation he introduced us to some very interesting characters from his latest story, Secret Coders.  Those characters are some strange little birds with a few extra facial parts.  While introducing us to these odd little birds Mr. Yang secretly introduced us to binary numbers.


One of our guys was even called up to solve a binary problem… I am pleased to report that SMS Guys Read took the shot and scored.

The story of Secret Coders is all about the “magic” of coding and we have had some experiences with Logo Programming over here at SMS Guys Read, but I really feel like Seamus Finnigan when I try to get that little turtle of do what I want it to.

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When the talk was over we were able to meet Mr. Yang as he did a book signing.

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It was a great little visit and I really look forward to getting back to school, after our short fall track-out break, so we can talk more about Secret Coders and await the next episode.  Maybe we can get a sneak peek, 2016 is a long ways away!

Read and Code on,

Mr. H

PS.  I also picked up this set about the Boxer Rebellion from Chinese history and can’t wait to finish them off.

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