Iron Trial Knife Shaping

Hello Readers,

Yesterday afternoon the 7th/8th Grade Chapter of SMS Guys Read attacked my classroom armed with tagboard, colored tape and chopsticks.  The goal for this strange assortment of items was a paper knife based on Seriramis from The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.  We have been enjoying the story of Call and his problems at the Magisterium.  The knife that his mother shaped when she was a student at the Magisterium struck us as interesting.

So to start our reading challenge we took the elemental test found on the homepage of Scholastic’s Iron Trial page.  Most of us got the earth element the first time through, but being 7th and 8th graders the lads took the test until they managed to find their path to Chaos…. you know as boys will do.

With an element as a guide the guys started shaping their blades.

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Unfortunately our hour long meeting was not enough to fully complete our blades, so check back soon as these Iron Trial inspired paper blades find their final forms.

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Read on,

Mr. H

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