The Guys Read Iron Trial Entrance Exam

Hello Readers,

Yesterday we held our second 7th/8th Grade Guys Read Chapter Meeting of this school year.  At this meeting we got into our first read, The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

We started by reading from the Prologue, introducing Semiramis the dagger and the terror of losing friends and family.  Semiramis will become our next reading challenge as the lads prepare to design and build a paper knife at our next meeting.  Who knows they may sleep with their blades the way Call did his first night at the Magisterium?

After our introduction work we started talking about the Magisterium and how Call had been coached for his entire twelve years of life to fail the entrance exam… spectacularly if at all possible.  This got me thinking about a Guys Read version of the entrance exam.  So why not take a look at our five question entrance exam and how we did?

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The Guys Read Iron Trial

At the end of the video we hint at a few extra credit opportunities, so challenge yourself… can you answer them?

  1. Find the sum of -7 through 800?
  2. Old McDonald had a farm.  What happened to his farm since it says “had a farm?” Explain Deeply.
  3. If an earth mage uses dragon scales to make tea and a fire mage uses lichens to heat the tea, when does a dragon kill everyone in the city where the mages live?
  4. If a golem, composed of admantine, shatters a warven craftsman and embeds the shards with fire stone, how many standard size hammers can he make?
  5. Do you know the muffin man?
  6. A dragon flies at 45 mph, but the goblin runs at 50 mph.  The dragon is 20 miles ahead of the goblin in 2 hours.  What potion did the dragon take to get the boost?

Challenging I know!

So check back soon as the 7th/8th Grade guys build knives, carve ice and read deeper into The Iron Trial.

Read on,

Mr. H

15 thoughts on “The Guys Read Iron Trial Entrance Exam

  1. The answer to number two is that old McDonald’s arch-rival, old mcBenjie, broke into old McDonald’s house, and slaughtered him and his whole family. He then murded all animals on the farm and ate their bones right from the carcass. Then he stole the deed to the farm, and now has the legal rights to the farm….and a warrant for arrest.

  2. The answer to number three is, the dragon will attack the city where the mages live when the dragon finishes watching the first two seasons of “Oprah”

  3. The answer to number four is, negative 4, because this particular golem has no hammer making training whatsoever, so he died in a massive explosion of forest ones, so Some of his hammers get destroyed in the process.

  4. The answer to number five is no, I do not know the muffin man. The muffin men are an isolated species, and they only come out in the dark of night. They endangered, so they have not been seen by humans since the muffin man incident in 1986. They basically look like little human children with muffins as heads

  5. The answer to number six is: the brand name of the potion the dragon takes is called “please make me faster then I am because I’m slow and I have no friends”

  6. Extra credit done. Thank you. I want to thank my mom, my other mom, my dentist who has arthritis, doc McStuffins, pee wee Herman, ice cube, my straight 🔥mixtape, and finally, my personal friend, batman.

  7. 1. 25
    2. Old McDonald lost his farm to his dog, Norm in a Poker game.
    3. When ever he wants! He free dragon and does what he wants.
    4. Lot of hammers.
    5. yea we roomed in college. He snores a lot, and he ate a lot of muffins(which is weird).
    6. The fast potion. Made by Aidan Potion company #ad

  8. He kidnapped me and threatened to kill my family/cats if I don’t help him raise enough money for his job to buy a plush hello kitty from isle 7 in the abandoned 7/11 on his street.

  9. 1) 320372
    2) Lucricia stole it from him to plant some nightshade
    3) He doesn’t because he is allergic to lichens
    4) You can’t make hammers from wavyrns!
    5) I know him and everything about him, and everything about everyone
    6) Dragon’s are faster

  10. 1: sum I guess (sum=some).
    2: his farm was burned down by the dragon in question three.
    3: well the dragon scales resonate with the Liches Phylactery at 11 o clock that night and all dracoliches are nocturnal so it would drink tea at 7 o clock, (dragon tea time) finish at 7:10, and burn the town at 8:15 (he had to watch the latest episode of Dragon Versus the World). so 8:15.
    4: Very bad question, the answer will depend on both the size of the golem, the purity of the fire stone, the standard hammer size of the area the smith lives in, the type of dwarf, the density of the hammers, and how much he can make it stretch.
    5: yes and I also I know his friend the English muffin man.
    6: Veetelbeetle’s Professional Windspeed Plus, and that is one slow dragon and one fast goblin.

    Correct 3rd question is
    If an earth mage uses dragon scales to make tea and a fire mage uses a Liches Phylactery to heat the tea, when does a Dracolich kill everyone in the city where the mages live?
    Correct 4th question is If a golem, composed of admantine shatters, and a dwarven craftsman embeds the shards with fire stone, how many standard size hammers can he make?

    So there’s the answers!

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