Inklings T-Shirt Ideas and Voting

Hello Fantasy Lovers,

Today we release the 2015-16 Inklings T-Shirt ideas for your voting approval.

Voting will be open from now until our next meeting on September 15.  The winning shirt idea will be announced at that meeting and then we will produce order forms and figure out the overall cost.  Most likely the shirt will be around $15 as we will only be ordering around 20 total shirt.

Take a minute to review the shirt designs, and remember the design is just that, a design idea, below the picture you will see how we will bend it to fit our Inklings will.

Inklings Tshirt ideas 2015

So go ahead and vote….

Remember to vote early and vote often

Read on,

Mr. H

3 thoughts on “Inklings T-Shirt Ideas and Voting

  1. I think I have too much time on my hands. All I do now when I’m at home is vote 5 billion times for the t-shirt I want….and watch a little oprah. Ok, a LOT of Oprah. Anyway, my point is, pollo has nothing to do with a fantasy based club. No matter how cool the shirt is.

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