I Made A Boov

Hello Readers,

On Friday evening I decided to make a Boov.  I know this sounds a little crazy so let me explain how I got to making a Boov out of Orangestone clay at the NC State Crafts Center late one Friday evening.  First, The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex was on my mind.  We had just had our first Inklings book club meeting of the new year and we had talked about Smekday and some of our further reading challenge plans for that great story, so it was on my mind.  Second, I had just picked up my latest copy of The True Meaning of Smekday from Barnes and Noble.  I did have a nice hardcover copy, but like so many of my books, it walked out the door with a former student and never returned.  Sad, I know, but I have grown to look at these loses as gifts to the universe.  So I got my new copy and was thumbing through it at stop lights on the way to the pottery studio.  I then took the book with me to dinner at the local burrito dive and then I had the thought that I might just be able to pull off a Boov in pottery form.

When I got to the studio I did my normal pottery routines.  I glazed a few plates, threw a bowl and a platter and then decided that the Boov was calling to me.  So I threw a cylinder for the Boov’s body and put it in the heat box to set up.  I then set about preparing a slab for the Boov’s head and other body parts.  When the cylinder was about leather hard I started constructing the Boov.  I honestly got lucky as the slab I cut for the Boov’s head was a little too big for the body I had built and when I forced it together it formed a nice oval, just like the Boov have in Adam Rex’s illustrations.  I saw that as a sign and pushed on.  I then fashioned a face and connected his lower half and legs.  I finished the Boov with a coil to show his uniform and a few frog like arms.

I’m sure I got a few strange looks from the other potters at the studio that night, but I was ready to share the book and my Boov with anyone how asked…. Nobody asked.


I know am letting the little guy slowly dry and will have him fired and then glazed in the next few weeks.  My next big challenge is to decide what color I glaze his uniform?

I was so proud of my little Boov that I shared a picture with Mr. Adam Rex himself…

So check back in soon as I update the Boov’s progress and check out both SMS Guys Read and the SMS Inklings as both groups are reading The True Meaning of Smekday and will be participating in some Reading Challenges in the coming weeks.  I know Guys Read will be developing the rules for Stickyfish and Inklings with be producing some Boovish writing and exploring the attractions of Happy Mouse Kingdom. Read On, Mr. H